Town Board addresses truck spills on roads

Winker unhappy the hauler isn’t taking the issue more seriously
Ozaukee Press Staff

A “frank discussion” is expected to lead to changes during next year’s harvest to either prevent or clean up spillage on Town of Belgium roads from Lakeside Foods’ hauler.

At Monday’s Town Board meeting, Town Chairman Tom Winker, who last month said he would follow up on the issue, said he met with Lakeside Foods general manager, its employee who runs its waste yard and the company’s hauler.

Winker said while “the hauler didn’t want to hear it, I told him straight out, it is unacceptable. I don’t know how else to say it.

“I don’t care if it’s beet waste or potato waste. It’s a road hazard and I don’t want somebody getting hurt.”

Winker said solutions are available.

“A lot of this problem could be solved with two things: some better gaskets and some turnbuckles on the back of the truck.”

He said he was told the slop doesn’t stay in the trucks very well.

“I’ve hauled liquid manure on the road for 25 years. That doesn’t stay in the spreader too good either. You have to do what you have to do not to make a mess,” he said.

“If you make a mess, clean it up. That’s all anybody expects. Stuff happens. But it’s not acceptable to have the town residents driving through it.”

Before next year’s harvest, Winker said, he plans to visit Lakeside Foods and take a look at one of the carrier’s trucks to see what is different.

“There will be changes,” he said.

Winker said next year he will take a different approach if the issue continues.

“The first call I’m going to make is to Lakeside Foods instead of the carrier. The carrier isn’t taking it quite as serious as I would like,” he said.

At last month’s Town Board meeting, when a resident brought up the issue, Winker said he had already talked to the carrier earlier this year, and Supr. Bill Janeshek said he contacted Lakeside Foods as well about spills.



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