LETTER: Why vote Republican? Because Biden’s policies are poisonous

To Ozaukee Press:

Ask yourself, are you better off now that President Biden is our leader.

He and his far-left Democratic allies destroyed our energy independence, increasing the price of electricity and passing on price increases into every product you buy.

He and his far-left allies shut the economy too long and closed in-person schooling too long, hurting businesses,and making our children mentally ill.

People don’t want to work because of government handouts. Biden’s trillions in overspending contributed to inflation and higher interest rates. Three million illegal immigrants have invaded our country with an estimated 900 million “gotaways” in only 20 months.Why didn’t the Democrats institute easier legal immigration?  They have the power. Who’s paying for these unvetted, unemployed illegals? You are.

America is full of rampant drug addicted homelessness, liberal mayors are defunding the police, crime is increasing while violent  criminals are paroled or have no bail. Are you safer?

Food costs are skyrocketing, and interest rates will rise five or six more times.  Biden’s America is pummeling us. Far left Democratic ideology is ruining the American dream.

In November, vote for Republicans Tim Michels to govern Wisconsin, Eric Toney to enforce the rule of law as attorney general and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson to put a check on Biden’s poisonous policies.   

Jean Skelton Opitz

Port Washington


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