LETTER: Sensible gun-control laws are keys to reducing gun violence

To Ozaukee Press:

We have too many gun deaths and injuries. It is time for our state and national leaders to act. Both money and legislation are needed. Now is the time to act reasonably, intelligently and boldly.

The right to own long guns and pistols for hunting and protection or, if needed, to defend our country is not questioned. However, the courts have decided that citizens do not have a right to own automatic guns. Semi-automatic guns are similar in that they can discharge hundreds of rounds of bullets in a few seconds, and for this reason they should not be available for general public use.

Gov. Walker has said we have to act now. A $100 million investment, a safety officer in every school and a state Office of School Safety are only parts of the solution. We should take legislative action and invest in making our schools safer. 

The governor is also reported to have said, “No child, parent or teacher should ever have to feel unsafe in school.” With this no one can disagree. Some would go further and say, “No citizen should feel unsafe in their community.” 

I recall a theater shooting in Colorado, a concert shooting in Los Vegas, church shootings in South Carolina and Texas. I also remember a Sunday afternoon park shooting in Omro, Wis. Many people are concerned and afraid. Legislation that is consistent with the Second Amendment and that makes our schools and communities safe is needed now.

Our national and state legislators should pass substantive laws to: allow the Centers for Disease Control to conduct research on gun violence; require background checks and a three-day waiting period for all gun purchases: halt the sale and gifting of semi-automatic rifles and pistols or require registration, training, licensing and periodic re-licensing (like automobile and driver’s licenses); ban bump stocks; regulate and track the sale of types of magazines and ammunition used in semi-automatic guns; implement laws with judicial safeguards that allow local police to confiscate guns when a person’s behavior rises to a level of concern about violence; if semi-automatic guns can be sold, charge a dedicated fee to cover public costs of dealing with gun violence; allocate money to buy back and destroy semi-automatic guns.

The above measures, along with voluntary use of trigger locks and locked gun cabinets, would decrease suicides and murders and injuries associated with arguments while at the same time improving public safety for all.   

David Franks

Port Washington


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