LETTER: If friends define character, Trump-Putin bond says a lot

To Ozaukee Press:

It has been 14 months since Trump became president and I am still waiting for America to become “great again.” Perhaps my understanding of the word great is not shared by the majority of Americans. I always thought being called great was an accolade given by others, not one slapped on a tweet by the one wishing to be great.

Thus far in Trump’s presidency we have lost the respect and trust of all of the countries we once called our allies. We have developed a new relationship with Russia since our president thinks Putin in a strong leader. We have come to the brink of nuclear war with North Korea, whose leader shares a personality with Trump—volatile with no concern for the outcome of events. And now China and the Palestinians are upset with us because Trump just can’t seem to understand that he alone does not determine the geopolitical nature of the planet.

Within our borders Trump has officially recognized the Nazi party and skinheads as people with a rational goal. He has lied and slandered his opponents in tweets that couldn’t make it out of a kindergarten classroom. And somehow he has managed to ignore the dangers faced by our children while in school. When I was a child, one of the things I was taught was that one’s friends defined his or her character. Well, who are Trump’s friends? I mean, besides his family, ever-changing staff and Putin?

Robert Hoefs



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