LETTER: With Democrats in power, our quality of life has deteriorated

To Ozaukee Press:

Here we are, almost two years after Joe Biden was inaugurated.

    Crime rates are at all-time highs. I know people who will not attend events in downtown Milwaukee, especially after dark, due to safety concerns. Catalytic converters stolen out of cars parked in home driveways is not uncommon. That is minor compared to more violent crimes that are being committed.

     Inflation has affected everyone. I worry about the coming winter months with the cost of heat increasing. Food prices keep rising at a regular, weekly rate. It is OK to try to cut out some luxury expenses. But food, shelter, utilities and gas to go to work are essentials, not luxuries. And the prices of these essentials keep going up.

     Fentanyl is killing at least 50,000 people a year. A product of China and refined in Mexico, fentanyl is a prime killer of young people in the U.S. today. Our oldest grandson lost a former high school sports team member to this drug’s poisoning—age 19 and gone. One pill can kill.

     Approximately three million illegal immigrants have entered our country through a porous border since January 2021. The cost of the education, medical care and housing for these illegal immigrants is becoming a high financial burden for U.S. taxpayers.

     The quality of American life has declined since the present administrations, both federal and state, have been in power. Our state and country need to be going forward in a way beneficial to all Americans. That can only be accomplished by voting for the Republican candidates for state and federal offices on Nov. 8. Their elections will make a positive difference in the negative direction that our country is heading in.                                                                                                                                                                                         Karen Meador                                                                                 

Port Washington


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