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Port divers step up at Pirate Invite PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 19 September 2012 16:37

Top-10 finishes by Smith, Murray lead host team in meet ruled by Germantown

A solid showing in diving provided most of the highlights for the Port Washington girls’ swimming team at the annual Pirate Invitational last Saturday.

Junior Kristen Smith posted a third-place score of 286.65 points to lead a pair of top-10 diving efforts for host Port.

Teammate Becca Murray, a freshman, placed ninth (224.4).

West Bend West’s Bailey Wagner won the event with 360.3 points.

The Pirates finished 10th out of 11 teams in the overall standings with 62 points.

Germantown won the title with 461 points, well ahead of runner-up Plymouth’s 408.

Rounding out the standings were Wauwatosa West in third (317), followed by West Bend West (242), Manitowoc Lincoln (234), Kiel (178), Kohler/Splash (153), Oak Creek (130), West Bend East (116), Port and West Allis Wave (23).

In swimming, the Pirates’ best finishes came from Kelsey Zeman, a senior who placed sixth in the 200-yard individual medley (2 minutes, 33.45 seconds) and 10th in the 100 breaststroke (1:22.84).

In relay races, Port got a 12th from the 200 freestyle team of Kelsey Brockman, Elise Andersen, Breanna Grady and Zeman (2:05.69).

Hawks splash to 2nd in NSC relays

Strong finishes in more than half the events propelled the Grafton girls’ swimming and diving team to runner-up honors at the North Shore Conference relays in Port Washington on Sept. 11.

The Black Hawks had three first-place finishes, two seconds and a third out of 12 races in the eight-team meet.

Grafton, which scored 74 points, got wins from the 100-yard medley team of Kaitlyn Brooks, Sam Senczyszyn, Rachel Hauer and Katelyn Gallun (56.4); 400 individual medley team of Stephanie Haebig, Senczyszyn, Natalie Keshemberg and Rachel Hauer (4:16.14) and 300 breaststroke team of Rachel Hauer, Katherine Bordeskaya, Anna Hauer and Senczyszyn (3:28.59).

Taking second for the Hawks were the 300 backstroke team of Haebig, Lily Kaplan, Bordetskaya and Keshemberg (3:06.59) and 300 butterfly team of Haebig, Anna Hauer, Bordetskaya and Keshemberg (3:10.86).

“I was real pleased with our performance,” Hawks coach John Douglass said. “We have a small team and not a lot of depth, but we tried to put our best swimmers together in our strongest events.”

Cedarburg won the team title with 91 points. Besides winning three races, the Bulldogs had four second-place finishes.

Rounding out the team standings were Homestead in third place with 70 points, followed by Whitefish Bay (68), Germantown (63), Nicolet (55), Port (20) and Milwaukee Lutheran (16).

Port’s top finish was a fifth in the 100 freestyle (1:00.35). The Pirates also got a sixth from their individual medley team  (5:42.27).

This week, Port faced Nicolet in a conference meet Tuesday and will participate in the Plymouth Invitational at 9:15 a.m. Saturday.

On Sept. 25, the Pirates will host Kohler at 6 p.m.

Grafton faced Homestead on Sept. 18. The Hawks’ next meet will be Sept. 27, when they host Nicolet at 6 p.m.

Image Information: KELSEY BROCKMAN of Port Washington churned through the water on a freestyle leg of the medley relay race during Saturday’s Pirate Invitational.      Photo by Sam Arendt

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