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Port Washington

Group to step up fight against city land sale PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 December 2014 20:16

Residents will ‘ratchet up’ petition drive in effort to persuade Port council not to sell lakefront parking lot

    Residents who hope to persuade the Port Washington Common Council not to sell a city-owned lakefront parking lot for development plan to step up their petition drive next week.

    Pat Wilborn, who is organizing the drive, said the group decided to take a break during the holidays but will “ratchet it back up next week.”

    “During the holidays people aren’t thinking about this,” Wilborn said. “Once we get over the holidays, we’re going to start up in earnest.”

    The group will publish the petition in next week’s edition of Ozaukee Press for people to sign and submit, he said.

    “What we need is something that will get the petition outside the downtown district. That is the objective here,” Wilborn said, noting the petition is available to residents at a number of restaurants and shops downtown.

    The group, which Wilborn said is organizing under the name Citizens for a Clearer View of the Harbor, has been vocal in its opposition to a recent Common Council decision to declare a parking lot adjacent to the north end of the north slip surplus and seek development proposals for the property.

    Aldermen have said they will consider selling the property for private development that will create a year-round destination for tourists and residents, such as a brew pub.

    So far, Wilborn’s group has garnered “well over 400 signatures” on the petition, which urges aldermen “not to pursue the private development of this land and to consider a partnership with a local community group to develop this land as green space that would be available to all citizens and visitors of Port Washington.”

    The Greater Port Washington Kiwanis Club has proposed creating a park on the property. A public meeting to garner ideas for the park and volunteers to work on the project will be held from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 22, at the Niederkorn Library.

    Wilborn said Citizens for a Clearer View of the Harbor plans to seek a meeting with Mayor Tom Mlada to discuss the property and its potential future use.

    “We want to work through this so we eliminate the potential for hurt feelings on either side,” Wilborn said.

    The group is interested in more than just plans for the parking lot, he added.

    “The group could have a long-term role ... to be more in touch with what’s happening with the Plan Commission and the city’s planning process,” he said, particularly as it pertains to the waterfront.

    “If we had been aware of this (plan) sooner, I think we could have headed this whole thing off.”

    Wilborn said the group hopes to persuade city officials to concentrate its development efforts to the downtown along Franklin and Main streets and Grand Avenue.

    On the lakefront, he said, the group would prefer to see one or two-story structures built closer to Jackson Street, reserving the areas closer to the lake for single-story buildings and leaving the waterfront free of development.

    “If Chicago can do it, Port Washington can certainly figure out how to do it,” Wilborn said.

Civic group forges ahead with plan for lakefront park PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 December 2014 20:14

Club wants land the city is intent on selling to remain public and is asking for residents to join the cause

    Even as Port Washington officials continue their quest to solicit proposals to develop city-owned lakefront land along the north slip, members of the Greater Port Washington Kiwanis Club are soliciting ideas for a park they would like to create on the same parcel.

    The club will hold a public meeting in the community room at the Niederkorn Library from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 22, to solicit ideas for the park.

    “The Kiwanis Club wants to get a number of people together who are interested in creating a functional, attractive green space there,” club secretary John Sigwart said Monday. “That means so many things to people. We want people to think out of the box and come up with ideas.”

    The meeting will also help the club develop a core of volunteers to drive the effort to create Kiwanis Park, Sigwart said.

    Earlier this month, just before the Common Council voted to declare the property at the end of the north slip surplus land — paving the way for its possible sale — the club made a bid to create Kiwanis Park on the parcel.

    Almost a dozen people at the meeting asked aldermen not to put the land up for sale, saying lakefront property is a precious asset that should be retained by the community, not sold.

    A petition asking the city to consider retaining the property as green space has already garnered hundreds of signatures, and Pat Wilborn, who is coordinating the drive, said he hopes that total will reach 1,000 signatures in the coming weeks.

    That, said Wilborn, may get the attention of aldermen who have so far not been receptive to the group’s concerns.

    But Sigwart said the Kiwanis Club is not involved in the petition drive, adding the group has for years been hoping to create a Kiwanis Park in the city.

    “We want to work cooperatively with the city,” he said.

    The land along the north slip provides a perfect opportunity for the club and the city, he said.

    Its location makes it an ideal place to develop a spot where transient boaters, marina tenants, their guests, residents and tourists could relax with a picnic lunch, Sigwart said.

    The property is about halfway between Upper Lake Park and the South Beach, making it a natural resting spot, he said, and it is along the Ozaukee Interurban Trail, so bikers would also likely stop there.

    “What I like about Kiwanis Park there is its availability to so many people,” Sigwart said.

    A multi-level seating area could be created that would give people better access to the water while not hindering views from surrounding properties, he said.

    “There are a lot of opportunities,” Sigwart said. “We just need to identify them.”

    This isn’t the first time the Kiwanis Club has looked at the land at the end of the north slip for a park, Sigwart noted.

    When the club was seeking a location for Possibility Playground, it was the last site crossed off the list before Upper Lake Park was selected for the play area, Sigwart said.

    The development of Kiwanis Park could be done much like Possibility Playground, Sigwart added.

    The club would take ideas from the Jan. 22 meeting and incorporate them in a park plan created by a designer hired by the Kiwanis Foundation, he said.

    That plan would be created in conjunction with representatives of the marina and the Parks and Recreation Department, Sigwart said.

    “If the city thinks it might be a good idea, we could move ahead and start to raise money to create the park,” he said.

    Funds to actually develop the park would likely be raised throughout the community, Sigwart said, not just through the club — just as occurred with Possibility Playground.

    “It would have to be a larger community effort, but it would be one spurred by the Kiwanis Club,” he said.

    He suggested the city and Kiwanis Club jointly hire an appraiser to determine the value of the city-owned property.

    “I don’t think anybody has any idea now what it’s worth,” he said, adding the appraisal could be used to determine how much a developer should pay for the land and what its value as a park could be.

    Creating a park on the land could make the private property across Washington Street more valuable for development while retaining public lakefront land, Sigwart said.

    “I like the idea of the retail element being north of Washington Street,” he said. “You could even go three or four stories there and I don’t think anyone would be offended.”

    And while city officials are looking at the possibility of creating a destination attraction on the city-owned land, Sigwart said downtown Port will have a destination next year that can serve as a bridge between downtown and the lakefront — the Port Exploreum museum being developed by the Historical Society.

    “I think that’s going to be the destination everyone is looking for,” Sigwart said.

    Sigwart said that there are plenty of opportunities for the club and the city to walk away from the Kiwanis Park proposal if it isn’t feasible.

    If there isn’t enough interest or ideas generated at the Jan. 22 meeting, “Kiwanis could walk away,” he said.

    “If the concept plan catches on, great. If it doesn’t, you walk away.”

    But, he said, it’s something that ought to be considered.

Settlement pares Hwy. 33 assessments PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 20:10

Port council reduces project-related charges for five city landowners, eliminates fees for town properties

    Port Washington aldermen on Tuesday reduced the assessments charged to five city property owners and agreed to eliminate the assessments charged to town properties to pay for improvements made to highways 33 and LL.

    The agreement settles a lawsuit filed a year ago by 11 property owners who argued that the assessments were unreasonable, saying their properties have not been “specially or reasonably benefitted” by the improvements to the roadways.

    City Administrator Mark Grams said Monday that officials have been negotiating the settlement for several months in an attempt to avoid a trial.

    Even though the city may recoup less money for the road work, he said, “you would end up spending more in legal fees” in a trial.

    Grams said the city is accepting a total of $9,953 less from the city property owners, in part as a recognition that the state paid less of the Highway 33 project than a typical highway project.

    While the state paid about 80% of the cost for Highway 33, he said, it paid more than 90% of the cost for Highway 32 when it was rebuilt.

    “We decided to take that into account,” Grams said.

    The city agreed to change the amount charged for the street work only, Grams said, not the amount charged for sidewalks, curb and gutter.

    The assessments for town property were dropped, Grams said, after the city looked at how other communities handle these charges.

    “Most other cities don’t put town charges on the final (assessment) resolution,” he said, while Port has traditionally assessed these properties but not collected the funds until the parcels were annexed.

    City officials agreed to eliminate the assessments, Grams said, but he noted that “That’s not to say the city won’t get the money eventually.”

    When these property owners seek annexation, officials will seek to collect the assessment amounts, Grams said.

    “Then it’s more of a negotiation when the property owner wants to annex into the city,” he said. “You end up negotiating with them when they annex anyway.”

    It’s not likely officials will forgive the assessment when the properties come into the city, Grams said.

    “I guarantee that won’t happen,” he said, although negotiations then could reduce or increase the amount.

    The town properties removed in the settlement are Christopher and Linda Witzlib, 1651 Willow Dr., whose assessment was $40,282; Stevlins LLC, 2440 Hwy. 33, $13,932; Raymond Last, 2364 Hwy. 33, $11,298; and Steven and Julie Boyea, 2498 Hwy. 33, $4,482.

    The assessments that were reduced include Bielinski Commercial LLC of Pewaukee, whose previous assessment of $17,368 was reduced by $4,042 to $13,326; Bielinski Homes Inc. of Pewaukee, whose previous assessment of $10,544 was reduced by $2,434 to $8,111; Made Investments LLC of Port Washington, whose previous assessment of $7,532 was reduced by $1,739 to $5,794; Nicholas S. Meier, 402 N. Heritage Rd., whose previous assessment of $4,921 was reduced by $869 to $4,052; and Schmidt Farm Property LLC of Cedarburg, whose previous assessment of $4,921 was trimmed by $869 to $4,052.

Town accepts county’s offer of new voting machine PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 December 2014 21:14

    An agreement to have Ozaukee County purchase a new voting maching for the Town of Port Washington was approved by the town board last week.    

    “They’re going to buy the equipment so every community in the county is going to be using the same equipment,” Town Clerk Jenny Schlenvogt told the board. “I think it’s more than fair. It makes their job easier, and ours, too.”

    The county will study the various machines that are available and purchase the one that works best and is the best buy, she added.

    County Clerk Julie Winkelhorst said the county is poised to purchase new voting machines to replace those currently used by the municipalities at an estimated cost of $550,000.

    The County Board agreed to buy the machines in September, and the Finance Committee recently reviewed an intergovernmental agreement spelling out the responsibility of both the county and its municipalities in regard to the purchase.

    “We want all the municipalities to be on the same equipment,” Winkelhorst said. “We don’t want to have issues like some other counties have had.”

    The new voting machines will replace those purchased by the county in 1998.

    The existing machines are still reliable, but the technology, which is from 1991, is outdated, Winkelhorst said.

    The optical scan equipment hasn’t been made since 2006, according to the resolution authorizing the purchase of the equipment approved by the County Board in September.

    “They’re very trustworthy,” Winkelhorst said. “We just want to take care of things before there are problems.”

    Port Washington City Clerk Susan Westerbeke agreed that the time to replace the machines is now.

    “The machines are really tired,” Westerbeke said. “A number of us have had to have them repaired. This has been a very good quality machine, but you don’t want to wait until there are major issues before you replace them.”

    The county hopes to jointly purchase the equipment with other counties in the state, which could potentially bring down the price, Winkelhorst said.

    The county would buy 32 machines, enough to replace all of those used by municipalities during the April 2014 election, according to the memorandum of understanding. The municipalities, in turn, agree to use the machines through 2020. Otherwise, they will have to repay the county for the machines.

    Any additional machines would be the responsibility of the municipality.

    According to the agreement, the county would buy three machines for the City of Port Washington, one for each of the city’s polling places, and one for the Town of Port.

    The Village of Grafton would also get three machines, while the town would get one. The villages and towns of Saukville, Belgium and Fredonia would each get one machine.

    While the county would be responsible for buying the new machines, the municipalities would be responsible for training its election workers, the agreement states.

    Although the county is expected to buy the machines next year, Winkelhorst said, they will probably not be used until the spring 2016 election — in part because there isn’t a fall 2015 election scheduled.

Two Port men charged in separate cop beatings PDF Print E-mail
Written by BILL SCHANEN IV   
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 20:02

Both suspects face felony charges for fights that injured police officers

    A 50-year-old Port Washington man was arrested Sunday after crushing a cigarette on a police officer’s face and spitting in his eyes, then injuring another officer in the brawl that ensued, according to a criminal complaint filed in Ozaukee County Circuit Court Monday.

    Lawrence Shelton was eventually subdued after officers stunned him several times with Tasers.

    Shelton, who was free on bail in connection with a disorderly conduct domestic abuse case, was charged this week with battery to a peace officer and two counts of discharging bodily fluids at an officer, felonies punishable by a total of six years in prison and seven years of extended supervision.

    He is also charged with misdemeanor counts of bail jumping, disorderly conduct-domestic abuse and resisting an officer.

    According to the criminal complaint, at 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 30, officers were called to Shelton’s home, where his wife told them he had been drinking and was now destroying things in their house.

    Shelton had been ordered by a judge not to drink alcohol or have contact with his wife while awaiting trial on the disorderly conduct charge, so officers Chris Erickson and James Russell told him he was under arrest for violating those orders.

    Shelton became angry, and when ordered by Russell to drop the cigarette he was smoking and turn around so he could be handcuffed, he refused. When Russell repeated the orders and put his hand on the lapel of Shelton’s jacket, Shelton pulled away, said “Don’t grab me you (expletive),” spit twice in Russell’s face and crushed his cigarette on the officer’s cheek, the complaint states.

    What police described as a violent wrestling match ensued.

    Erickson tried to stun Shelton with a Taser, but because Shelton was wearing several large winter coats, the Taser was ineffective.

    Shelton became more enraged and spit into Erickson’s eyes, according to the complaint. Erickson then fired a Taser and hit Shelton in the thigh. Eventually, police were able to handcuff him.

    Erickson suffered neck and shoulder pain and was taken to Aurora Medical Center in Grafton.

    Shelton is being held in jail on $10,000 bail.

    Shelton’s wife also called police to her home in July because, she reported, her husband was attacking her and would not leave, according to the complaint filed in that case.

    The woman said she allowed Shelton, who had been living in Kentucky, to move back into her house because she felt sorry for him, but on July 28, he had been drinking and was out of control, the complaint states.

    She said she was on her way to the gym when Shelton grabbed a bag from her and began searching it for evidence of an affair he thought she was having, according to the complaint.

    The woman said Shelton called her vulgar names and smashed a mirror that was in her bag.

    Shelton was charged as a repeat offender in that case because in July 2011 he pleaded guilty to felony intimidation of a witness. Ozaukee County Circuit Judge Sandy Williams withheld a prison sentence, placed him on probation for three years and ordered him to serve six months in jail as a condition of probation, according to court records.

    Shelton is the second person to be charged in the course of a week with beating Port Washington police officers.

    On Wednesday, Nov. 26, Mark T. Jancoski, 51, of Port Washington, was charged with three felonies — strangulation and two counts of battery to a police officer — and a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct after a Nov. 1 fight with police.

    According to the criminal complaint, a man told police that Jancoski came to his house earlier that day, was angry, told him he had a knife and would “gut him like a pig.”

    Officers went to Jancoski’s home and, because of the threats he made earlier that day and his “deteriorating mental state,” forced their way into his apartment, the complaint states.

    Officer Jason Bergin saw a knife on the table next to Jancoski and attempted to grab it, but Jancoski beat him to it and, with the knife in his hand, stood up, according to the complaint.

    Officer Eric Leet shot a Taser at Jancoski, but it was ineffective. Jancoski charged Leet and threatened to kill him before grabbing him by the hair with one hand and his neck with the other, according to the complaint. Officers eventually were able to subdue arrest Jancoski.

    Leet suffered a bruised larynx, the complaint states.

    Jancoski is being held in the county jail on $3,000 bail.



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