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Judge rejects DNA testing in 33-year-old murder case PDF Print E-mail
Written by BILL SCHANEN IV   
Wednesday, 21 January 2015 20:22

Grafton man serving life sentence, Innocence Project can’t have evidence examined

    A man who claims he was wrongly convicted of a gruesome murder in Grafton 33 years ago and the Wisconsin Innocence Project have lost their fight to have DNA testing done on evidence in the case.

    Jeffrey C. Denny, 50, of Grafton, who along with his brother Kent Denny was convicted by an Ozaukee County jury and sentenced to life in prison for the Jan. 26, 1982, slaying of Christopher Mohr, is not entitled to have the evidence used to convict him more than three decades ago tested using forensic science that wasn’t available at the time, Ozaukee County Circuit Judge Joseph Voiland ruled earlier this month.

    In his written ruling, Voiland rejected the argument made by Denny’s lawyers that the absence of Denny’s DNA on evidence could exonerate him.

    “The argument that Denny would be exonerated if his DNA were not found on certain evidence inside Mohr’s bedroom is contrary to law: A person may be found guilty as a party to the crime of homicide if he participated with others who physically killed the victim,” Voiland wrote.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 January 2015 20:25
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