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Lapicola remains focused on safety enhancements PDF Print E-mail
Written by MARK JAEGER   
Wednesday, 11 March 2015 19:51

Village president feels simple measures could make local roads safer

Fredonia Village President Chuck Lapicola will be stepping down from his elected post next month, but he is keeping his focus on public safety during the waning days of his term.

Lapicola told the Village Board last week he pushed for several safety measures last month during a Southeast Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission highway planning meeting in Port Washington.

The planning body is in the process of crafting a 2050 highway plan for the region.

“The intention was to get input from town and village officials about little-known safety concerns that SEWRPC should be made aware of,” Lapicola said.

The session gave him a platform to raise two ongoing concerns.

One safety issue, Lapicola said, is the lack of a pedestrian crossing on the east end of Fredonia Avenue.

He said he attempted to address that shortcoming with a proposed underpass that would have been part of a bike trail, but both projects were scuttled.

Lapicola also expressed concern about the risk posed by traffic racing along the village’s east limits on Highway 57 at the Fredonia Avenue crossing.

“I realize our marshal noted there haven’t been a lot of accidents at the intersection, but people have told me they have seen many close calls,” he said.

With the speed cars travel on Highway 57, Lapicola said one crash could have a horrific toll.

To address that concern, he suggested yellow warning signs be erected at the intersection approach fitted with LED lights.

“I first saw those signs in Florida, and they really get your attention,” Lapicola said.

“I don’t think redesigning the road would do a lick of good, but putting up proper warning signs would help.”

Lapicola said SEWRPC officials seemed to be responsive to the suggestions, but he remains skeptical about the attention the planning body gives to the rural areas of Ozaukee County.

“I think SEWRPC is primarily concerned about the urban areas, like Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties. My impression is the northern end of our county is seen as a speck on a map to them,” he said.

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