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1 Why would legislators want to raise your utility bills? Ozaukee Press 52
2 Stormy seas for a worthy nautical event Ozaukee Press 88
3 The parkland menace Ozaukee Press 134
4 Streets are not just for cars and trucks Ozaukee Press 142
5 Keep the market free – no tax money for Bucks Ozaukee Press 269
6 Kill the ethanol tax Ozaukee Press 317
7 When land preservation is good business Ozaukee Press 345
8 Lakefront development blues Ozaukee Press 376
9 Beep, beep, get moving Ozaukee Press 406
10 Fight this move to silence citizens on natural resources Ozaukee Press 463
11 Shortchanging education is not the Wisconsin Idea Ozaukee Press 752
12 It’s no time to abandon Port’s senior center Ozaukee Press 425
13 Robert Krebsbach Ozaukee Press 526
14 Redemption for the VK mistake Ozaukee Press 805
15 Common sense on common education standards Ozaukee Press 432
16 The bright side of the brew pub brouhaha Ozaukee Press 447
17 Celebrities among us Ozaukee Press 458
18 Riding into 2015 Ozaukee Press 452
19 It’s about peace, not war Ozaukee Press 500
20 Defying science, inviting measles and worse Ozaukee Press 519
21 Marching to the brew pub Ozaukee Press 555
22 Yes to mileage charge, no to confiscatory fees Ozaukee Press 905
23 Put the brakes on rush to sell public’s harbor land Ozaukee Press 902
24 Saukville and Port should connect on water Ozaukee Press 664
25 Too much noise, too little action Ozaukee Press 640
26 Don’t clutter harbor views Ozaukee Press 692
27 The school board’s assignment Ozaukee Press 760
28 Rate hikes would take state backwards Ozaukee Press 759
29 The Voter ID follies Ozaukee Press 658
30 Make it truly Port’s lighthouse Ozaukee Press 649
31 Insult on top of the injury of job loss Ozaukee Press 749
32 A coal dock railing? Can do! Ozaukee Press 637
33 Shine a light on election spending Ozaukee Press 608
34 The fertilizing of Lake Michigan Ozaukee Press 704
35 Rise and shine . . . later Ozaukee Press 691
36 Crumbling roads in the countryside Ozaukee Press 689
37 Save our Y Ozaukee Press 659
38 Do no aesthetic harm Ozaukee Press 659
39 A tax that pays dividends to Ozaukee residents Ozaukee Press 806
40 A win for the lake as a big loss looms Ozaukee Press 937
41 Raise the gas tax, save the roads Ozaukee Press 627
42 Affront to voters Ozaukee Press 574
43 Dorothy Gilson Ozaukee Press 573
44 Nature gives . . . and takes away Ozaukee Press 660
45 Henry Klingelhoets Ozaukee Press 582
46 Now it's our game too Ozaukee Press 574
47 Misplaced gratitude Ozaukee Press 519
48 Political junk food Ozaukee Press 495
49 The seductive vision of a new high school Ozaukee Press 624
50 Nation of doubters Ozaukee Press 511
51 An image, a call to do our duty for veterans Ozaukee Press 718
52 Cull the herd Ozaukee Press 577
53 Fredonia’s ‘Bleak House’ Ozaukee Press 513
54 A committee that delivered Ozaukee Press 572
55 Let private enterprise shine on new arena Ozaukee Press 694
56 Too necessary to fail Ozaukee Press 1130
57 Common Core clarity Ozaukee Press 554
58 The fine print of government spending Ozaukee Press 620
59 Wired for arrogance Ozaukee Press 977
60 When local government is outgunned Ozaukee Press 598
61 Openness report: a mix of sun and clouds Ozaukee Press 490
62 A safe breakwater—and a safe dock Ozaukee Press 641
63 Snowplowing for drivers and walkers Ozaukee Press 598
64 The comprehensive answer to good schools Ozaukee Press 919
65 Making history to save history Ozaukee Press 520
66 An unwarranted breakwater crackdown Ozaukee Press 732
67 Enjoy the lakes’ ice while you can Ozaukee Press 640
68 Eclectic, colorful, untidy signs of life Ozaukee Press 665
69 Are we there yet? Ozaukee Press 647
70 The heroin reality check Ozaukee Press 782
71 Special—but fair? Ozaukee Press 589
72 A better idea for road funding Ozaukee Press 622
73 Corwin “Bud” Miser Ozaukee Press 648
74 Risky crossing needs quick fix Ozaukee Press 588
75 A white, and black, Christmas Ozaukee Press 563
76 A call for empathy Ozaukee Press 462
77 The cell phone threat to flying Ozaukee Press 527
78 Oil and water Ozaukee Press 601
79 Welfare that works Ozaukee Press 517
80 Another government shutdown Ozaukee Press 517
81 The demonizing of national education standards Ozaukee Press 644
82 Judges and justice Ozaukee Press 596
83 DNR missfires on rifle rule Ozaukee Press 793
84 No more taxes for sports ‘amenities’ Ozaukee Press 789
85 Lighten up on team nicknames Ozaukee Press 591
86 Yes, county does belong in nursing home business Ozaukee Press 695
87 A place too beautiful to put children at risk Ozaukee Press 682
88 Shameful neglect at the Port harbor Ozaukee Press 764
89 A hunting promotion ploy that smells like road kill Ozaukee Press 784
90 Walking to school–what a concept Ozaukee Press 660
91 Wisconsin's need for speed Ozaukee Press 594
92 Too many prisoners Ozaukee Press 768
93 The ethanol mistake Ozaukee Press 618
94 Lucky Port has space to grow without sprawl Ozaukee Press 791
95 Bad legislating comes full circle Ozaukee Press 779
96 What cows give besdies milk Ozaukee Press 707
97 To the ramparts—repel the geese Ozaukee Press 1045
98 A park to mark the end of a sooty era Ozaukee Press 901
99 The rewards of living small Ozaukee Press 732
100 Everyone should pay for sidewalks Ozaukee Press 638
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