LETTER: Gun laws make you warm and fuzzy but don’t stop the killing

To Ozaukee Press:

Not sure what kool-aid from CNN Nancy from Mequon was drinking when she wrote her letter to the editor in last week’s Ozaukee Press about “unregulated guns.” She made comments about recent shootings, but not the two mass stabbings right after.

Facts are, we have gun laws on the books, and we have trouble enforcing them. Instead of trying to have warm fuzzies thinking gun laws will make you safe, wake up and learn that when someone is deranged enough to kill, to go from a worthless nobody to a famous-in-the-news someone, they will kill. It may be by gun, knife, school bus, Ford F150 or maybe a Toyota Prius.

While 374 people were killed using rifles such as the AR-15 in 2016, 656 were killed using what the FBI calls “personal weapons” like fists, hands and feet. This includes physical altercations and incidents of pushing. Another 472 people were killed that year using a blunt object. The FBI lists hammers and clubs as examples.

More laws will do nothing to stop a mass murderer—except give you false warm fuzzies.  

Scott Volkert


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